The Importance of Adult Diapers for the Elderly

Not only babies use diapers, even adults sometimes use them, especially older people. Adult diaper use is usually due to several conditions, such as urinary incontinence, prostate enlargement (Benign Prostatic Hyperlasia / BPH), or post-stroke brain damage. Too often urinating or not able to hold back urination, can interfere with activities during the day, and disrupt rest when sleeping at night. Especially if accompanied by limitations in moving. In people with these conditions it is recommended to use adult diapers, so as not to tire of going back and forth to the toilet and not to wet clothes or bedding. Reasons for Using Adult Diapers Normally, the frequency of urinating is 4-10 times a day. However, urination can become more frequent, if you experience the following conditions. Urine incontinence The most common reason why a person needs to use adult diapers is urine incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the loss of control of the process of urination. As we get older
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